“Florile Dalbe” is a literary, artistic and educational weekely magazine dedicated to children and adolescents. It is published in romanian language, in Chisinau. Some decades ago, the magazine appeared with the title “Young Leninist” (1941-1990), representing a “tribune” for young talents from all over Moldova. Many famous writers have published here their first literature creations, as well as a the absolute majority of moldovanian painters publishing their printed graphics and first drawings and sketches. Some well-known talented people working on this magazine were the following: Grigore Vieru, Liviu Damian, Archippus Cibotaru Vitaly Philip, George Blănaru, Axentie Blanovschi, Gheorghe Gheorghiu, Mihail Ion Cibotaru, Philip Mironov, Gheorghe Marin, Victor Teleucă etc.